What is Unique visitors?
In digital marketing, the notion of unique visitors is one of the most important, however different authoritative services define it in their own ways, which may be misleading.
How to get Unique visitors for free?
We have already described the practical meaning of unique visitors. The more unique visitors you have the more credible your website is, which leads to higher organic traffic, better conversions, and profitability.
How to find unique visitors in Google Analytics?
We have already discussed the importance of the “unique visitors” metric both for the globally trusted rankings and for the webmaster’s own analytics and decision-making.
How can unique visitors be higher than visits?
Let us be clear about it. Unique visitors are individual users who have had at least one session on your website within the given period (we have discussed it previously).
Is having Unique visitors important to boost Alexa Rank?
Alexa rank is as old and authoritative as Google search, but completely different in the way it is counted and in its meaning. Alexa registers the URL requests, or hits, by the users who use the Alexa toolbar in their browsers.